Market Charter

1. A donation is to be made by Stallholders to St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church.  Fees are as follows; Outside stall – 3m x 3m is $11, Outside stall – 3m x 6m is $22, Inside stall – includes 1 table and 2 chairs is $16.

2. After your Stallholder Application has been accepted, bookings for sites may be made by phoning Jeff Hetherington on 0417 204 011.

3. Stallholders can set up from 7:30am. Bookings will be held until 8:15am and after that time they may be reallocated if needed.

4. Late Stallholders are not permitted entry to set up after 8:15am.

5. In the event of extremely inclement weather, please call the night before to find out if the markets will be operating.

6. Stallholders must follow directions of the Market Manager and Parking Attendants for access and parking.

7. Disputes by Stallholders regarding site location or space allocation must be addressed to the Market Manager and his decision is final.

8. Sale by Stallholders of items with an explosive, projectile or otherwise dangerous nature is not permitted.

9. Sale by Stallholders of stolen, counterfeit or fake goods is illegal and is not permitted.

10. Stallholders must take precautions to minimise the risk to the public within their site. This should include safety of displays and safety in the event of strong winds.

11. If you and your staff are selling food, you must meet the food safety regulations in ‘Guidelines for food businesses at temporary events’ NSW/FA/FI146/1302. (See

12. The holding of raffles or lotteries by Stallholders is not permitted. Community Groups and Charities may be permitted to hold raffles at the Markets for fund raising purposes in accordance with applicable regulations (See

13. Stallholders are requested to not bring pet animals of any kind to the Markets for their safety and for safety of the public.

14. Stallholders are requested not to leave the Markets before 1pm for safety of the public and to minimise disruption to other Stallholders, unless under exceptional circumstances.

15. Please, no smoking.

16. At the close of the markets, stallholders must clear the area occupied by their stall and remove all their rubbish from the property.