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Dungog Presbyterian Church

SERVICES – 9.00am every Sunday

Located at 63 Dowling Street Dungog, St Andrews’s Presbyterian Church was built in 1904. It has continued to be a place of public worship since that time, and has a faithful congregation of followers of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and redeemer of humanity. We believe in the God of the Bible, who is Trinitarian in nature – Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We hold Scripture to be God breathed and the supreme standard of our faith, where all parts of it are useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting and training in righteousness. (2 Tim 3:7) Our Minister Allan Welch and his family commenced serving here at Dungog Presbyterian Church in February 2019.

What to expect…

Services consist of singing songs of praise as a gathering of God’ people, offering prayers in adoration of God, confession, thanksgiving and prayers for the sick, our towns, our country and the world. We have a sermon from a passage in the Bible (normally about 25 minutes, either as part of a series or topical). Dungog PC is a registered Covid Safe premises.

The service is lead by a member of the Church congregation, and the sermon is delivered most often by our Pastor – Allan Welch. The congregation is led in prayer by a member of the congregation. Sometimes we have shared prayer. This is where about 2 or 3 people pray in turn out loud from their seats for a short time – either thanking God for his blessings or asking God to intervene in our lives.

Lord’s Supper is held quarterly – and all who profess faith in the Lord Jesus are welcome to partake in the bread and wine, as a way of remembering the sacrifice of Jesus for our sins.

Growth Groups

Growth Groups are Bible Study meetings that are currently in recess.

All are welcome so if you would like to join our Growth Group at Dungog, please contact Allan or Elders Jeff Hetherington or Col Huckstadt. Or you can simply complete the contact form below




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